Pop Culture Through a Japanese Lens

I’ve been fascinated with Japan, its history and its culture for at least thirty years, and I have yet to grow tired of it. I mean, I’m writing an urban fantasy about yokai, plus I’m working on a fantasy series based loosely on medieval Japan. No way I’d even think about writing tens of thousands of words about stuff I don’t like!

Case in point: I LOVE seeing familiar, non-Japanese media reworked through a Japanese lens.

I submit exhibit A, some character artwork from The Witcher 3 where the new vision has a decidedly Land of the Rising Sun look to it:


And here’s exhibit B, where several of the heroes (and a villain!) from Avengers: Endgame were transformed into mighty Japanese warriors:


But hands-down, my absolute favorite adaption has to be the Star Wars Sandtrooper. And not just any old TK trooper, but one sporting the Blastech T-21 Light Repeating Blaster.

Behold Exhibit C, the magnificence of a medieval Japan version of a Sandtrooper (this one stands guard at my writing desk, making sure I hit my daily word count):

Another 2,000 words, you rebel scum!

Another 2,000 words, you rebel scum!

That’s all for now, or as one Jedi-mind-tricked TK trooper famously said with a wave of his gloved hand, “move along…move along.”