Slices of 1970's Tokyo, Tarantino, and Mr. Donuts

I fell in love with Japan decades ago, and my first trip there 2003 was everything I could have possibly wanted. I managed to see slices of Kyoto, Tokyo, and northern Japan.. I managed to get back to Tokyo in 2007, where I got an even more in-depth experience at that city. It didn’t disappoint the second time, either.

I also happen to be a huge fan of cyberpunk and Blade Runner, so when I came across Greg Girard’s collection of 1970’s Tokyo, I wanted to see how much had changed.

Not a lot, at least in some cases.

The scene below doesn’t feel dated at all.


Others, like this yakuza greeting in a Mr. Donuts, are charming, even if there’s no visual cyberpunk vibe.


And this one could easily be the movie poster for a Tarantino-Inspired cyberpunk heist (I’m calling it Johnny Ocean’s Five).


Be sure to check out the rest and Girard’s entire portfolio here.

all photos copyright Greg Girard