Scott’s fascination with fictional worlds and stories began mere minutes after learning to read (seven, to be exact).

No surprise, then, that he changed his declared major from Computer Science to Creative Writing during his second semester of college.

Scott has explored various forms of storytelling over the years, including collaborative entertainment models, LARPs, and of course, RPGs. He’s currently running two D&D 5th ed. campaigns in the Forgotten Realms world (if you find yourself in Highmoon, be sure to swing by the Blooded Boar - Scott will happily buy you a round or three!).

Scott has contributed to story collections such as the collaborative entertainment world Runes of Gallidon, Tales of the Stop (part of the Azrael’s Stop trilogy) and All Your Fates.

When he’s not writing, Scott is co-teaching The Art of Visual Storytelling in the Art Center at Night program in Pasadena, CA.

Scott’s imagination may take him to lands of mystery and wonder, but he always returns to his home town of Los Angeles. At least, he’s pretty sure it’s Los Angeles…